Royal Ramps Pet Ramp (14" Tall)

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We manufacture all of our products in the U.S. to ensure the highest craftmanship and materials.


We use Industrial Grade Foam that's super sturdy, but lightweight, as well as furniture grade fabric that's impervious to stains and lasts for thousands of uses.


The ramp cover can be easily removed and machine washed in cold water for convenient cleaning.

One-Piece Sturdy Design


  • 1-piece dimensions: 14" Wide x 29" Long x 14" High (Weight: 6 lbs.)
  • Upgrade to the 14" Ramp Plus Landing, 21" Ramp, or 21" Ramp Plus Landing for even more convenience for your pet

Instructions for cleaning:

  • The care and cleaning of these microfilament fabrics is simple: to remove stains such as ballpoint pen, red wine, mustard, coke, tea, coffee, and grape juice, use mild soap and lukewarm water. Rub gently in a circular motion with a sponge or soft brush. Pat the area dry after cleaning. Covers can also be easily removed and machine washed using cold water (air dry only).


Why Choose Royal Ramps?

  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States using top-quality materials
  • Industrial grade high-density foam easily supports dogs up to 75 pounds
  • Upholstery-grade suede fabric is impermeable to stains (pet stains, soda, and even red wine easily wash off!)
  • Royal Ramps has been manufacturing pet stairs and ramps for over 10 years with hundreds of 5-Star Customer Reviews
  • Machine washable fabric with easily removable zipper closing design
  • Covers are hand-sewn in the USA for the highest quality
  • 1-piece ramp design provides ultimate stability

No one else in the world makes a high-density foam pet ramps like Royal Ramps does! In fact, our ramps have been reviewed, tested and proven by thousands of customers and pet professionals. With over ten years of uninterrupted service, incredible satisfaction rates and a product that your pet will simply love, Royal Ramps is absolutely the best when it comes to service, prices and satisfaction. Unlike other ramps, our product is created using high-density foam that is both durable and reliable, allowing your pet the comfort and stability that he/she deserves.

Provide your pet with the comfort, safety and convenience he or she deserves with this 1-piece 14" tall ramp! This ramp is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States, assuring the best quality that your pet deserves. Designed for pets and tested on humans, the one-piece foam pet ramp allows your pet to easily access higher areas, such as the couch or your bed, with complete ease. Using these high density foam steps, your pet can avoid future back problems associated with jumping or leaping up and down. This affects more pets than most owners are even aware of, making it a crucial campaign for both pets and owners. The ramp is 14" high. Royal Ramps are available in a variety of colors. These neutral colors will look absolutely amazing anywhere in your home!

I am really impressed with the ramps and stairs. I love the modern look, and the covers zip on and off. My senior Lab mix is 10 years old, and his back legs are stiff due to arthritis. He normally has a hard time jumping onto our bed, and the stairs really do make it easier on him.

- Lindsay, That Mutt

When the stairs & ramp were delivered, I was faced with two large packages sitting on the front porch and remember thinking to myself “oh boy, bringing them inside will be my strength workout of the day“. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Each package was super lightweight and the assembly couldn’t have been easier. Royal Ramp’s indoor stairs & ramps are stylish quality accessories... They’re a wonderful solution for tiny to medium size dogs suffering from arthritis or who are simply not well equipped to jump on and off furniture.

- Barbara, K9sOverCoffee

As dogs age, they are not able to jump as they did when they were younger which makes ramps and stairs a wonderful tool to help them get up onto the furniture where they are allowed. For my sisters, the ramp and stairs were simply fun to run up and down! We love both products and think they are perfect for a dog who needs assistance! The fabric is not slippery at all and actually seems to help my paws grip as I climbed up.

- Emma (and Joy), My GBGV Life

If you don’t already have a senior pet in your home, you most definitely will one day. Are you prepared to watch them struggle to jump on the bed or couch? Thankfully this is the 21st century, so your senior, disabled or injured pet can now get cozy on their favorite furniture with ease. Royal Ramps makes it painless for pets to maintain their daily routine by providing a unique array of modern, stylish ramps. Royal Ramps offers several pieces that you can put together like puzzles to create the perfect ramp for your home. The versatility of Royal Ramps makes them perfect for senior, disabled or injured pets!

- Amanda, Dog Mom Days

I recently tried the Royal Ramps Pet stairs and my dogs love them (one of them found them comfortable enough to lay on the stairs as a bed)! The stairs and ramps are great for older dogs with arthritis, smaller dogs that could get hurt or have difficulties with higher furniture, as well as any household pet. They also make an attractive part of your furnishings.

- Jennifer Pryor, Pryor's Planet

Royal Ramps is also a supporter of Rockin 4 Rescues helping us with our mission to help animals. We thank you for your continued support!

- Pam, Rockin' 4 Rescues


“Love the ramp! It's the perfect height and not hard (if you are prone to stubbing your toe on things). Would definitely buy again and recommend it! The cover that it came with is removable and fits perfectly. ”

- Michelle S.

“I have several ramps for my 13 year old Bichon. They are wonderful and easy for him to use. ”

- Lisa

“Georgie doesn't have nearly the spring in her step that she did when she was younger. It was getting harder and harder for her to get onto the couch (her favorite resting spot) over the last few years and hasn't been able to AT ALL the last couple months. I'm so glad we got this foam ramp set. AMAZING QUALITY! Both the cover and the foam. My only regret is that I wish we would have gotten the chocolate colored cover. Oh well, maybe on the next one! ”

- Dave & Linda

“I purchased my first Royal Ramp in 2016, and I just bought my 2nd one. I love it. My dog uses it so he doesn't hurt his back (again) jumping. It is sturdy, WELL MADE, and comes in neutral colors to match any decor. It matches my sofas perfectly. It may sound funny, but because it is not a hard, wooden ramp, you do not have to worry about stubbing your toes on it (an extra plus!). I would highly recommend Royal Ramps to anyone looking for a quality ramp with a nice angled slope. It met all of my (and my dog's) requirements. Thank you!! ”

- Michelle S.

“I bought this for my little dog with a luxation Patella issue and it is making her life easier and ours as well thank you so much Royal Ramps very happy with our purchase. ”

- Michelle H.

“The quality of this ramp and cover is second to none. Very much worth the money. We'll probably be getting another one for the bedroom for Christmas! ”

- Cheryll H.