High-Density Foam Ramps: Safer for Your Dog and Prettier in Your House

May 9th 2016

Like most pet owners, my dog is my baby. He sleeps in my bed, has a spot on the couch and curls up next to me on my easy chair when I’m watching TV. However, despite his love of sitting on the furniture, getting up there is not always easy. Not all dogs come with long legs plus as the dog ages jumping up on the bed becomes a painful or impossible process. For this reason, hundreds of dog stairs are available to give our precious four-legged family members easy access to sofas and beds.

Dog stairs sound like a great idea but most of them are cheaply made and not practical. Often the stairs are made out of light plastic and will either move from under the animal while he or she is trying to use it or will bend under the dog’s weight. Even if the stairs are made of a heavier material, the steps are small and difficult for even a small to medium sized dog to use. Occasionally, the surface of the steps are slippery for dog paws. Additionally, the stairs are often ugly and do not do the house’s decor any favors.

High-density foam ramps won’t move under the dog because first they are made of high density foam not plastic and secondly because the dog only has to walk up the ramp rather than leap from stair to stair. In other words, the foam grips the floor better than plastic and the motions needed to use the ramp is less jarring than the motions needed to use stairs. Instead of bending under the dog’s weight like plastic stairs, the high density foam ramps flex gently under the dog’s weight. The weight is absorbed into the foam rather than breaking the plastic. Unlike plastic, foam bounces back to its original shape after the weight is removed. No matter how big or small the dog’s paws are, there is no need to worry about the steps being too small. Each step is a cushioned step that will help your dog comfortably get up and down the ramp.

None of the material used for the ramp is slippery. The high density foam ramp’s material is perfect for dog paws to get comfortable traction while climbing. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the dog getting hurt while climbing on and off the furniture.

Another great feature of the high density foam ramps is that a cover can be added to the ramp to make it more attractively fit in with the home décor. Rather than white plastic, which will eventually become dirty white plastic, various covers can be added to the ramp to complement your other furniture. Plus, the covers can be removed and washed to keep the ramps from looking dingy.

Regardless of if your dog needs help getting on and off the furniture because he or she has gotten older, is small, gotten hurt or you just don’t want the dog to put the stress of jumping on his or her joints, a high density foam ramp is the answer.