How do I train my pet to use your products?

1) If your dog is “jumping over” or “around” the ramp/stairs, they likely think that it’s not “for them”. Dogs need time and extra encouragement for them to understand that you want them to use it. Otherwise, some dogs will continue to purposefully dodge it to not get in trouble. Spend extra time physically picking your pet up, putting them on the ramp, petting them and giving them verbal encouragement and treats while keeping them on the ramp. Do this at least daily, multiple times a day if time permits, or as consistently as you can. Your goal is to convince your pet that it’s theirs so they want to use it.

2) You are likely to have much more success with your ramp or stairs parallel to the bed or couch rather than perpendicular. We always recommend starting with parallel (running lengthwise along your furniture) for training then moving to perpendicular (sticking out from the furniture) if you desire it to be that way only after the dog is fully comfortable using it.

3) When training a dog to use the ramp from the floor, a combination of treats, gentle movement (if your dog is comfortable being touched and moved), and repetition are key. Put treats in your hand, show your dog (usually putting your hand close to their face as long as you know they will behave and not bite you of course), and then put your hand on the ramp far enough up that the dog has to walk up the ramp to get to it with the treat slightly exposed so your dog can see it. If your dog tries to go around or won’t come up, just give gentle “no” cues and move or encourage your dog to get back to the start of the ramp and try again. After a few attempts if it isn’t working, gently pick your pet up, put them where you want them to be, and give them the treat. Repeating this process of showing the dog the start and end positions you want them in, then rewarding them, will allow you to put your dog at the start of the ramp and eventually they will know the end position that you want them at, where the treat is, and they will move themselves to get the treat.  

4) Above all, be patient and kind through the entire process. If you get upset with your pet at all, they will start to associate the ramp with you being upset, and that will only make training more difficult in the long term. Keep in mind that training your pet to use ramps or stairs can help with limiting long term injuries or pain, creating a much happier life for your pet. The time you are investing with them now for their success with ramps or stairs will be worth it!

What are the ramps and steps made of?

Our ramps and steps are made of Industrial-Grade High-Density extra firm foam which, although lightweight and easy to lift and move, provides a very stable walking surface for pets of a wide range of sizes. The washable zip-on / zip-off covers are made from 100% polyester micro-filament furniture-grade upholstery fabric which is impervious to stain. Our products are protected by US patents and made in the USA.

How do the pieces stay together?

All of our ramp and step covers pieces are equipped with strong velcro to adjoin each piece together.

How do I know which ramp or step height my pet needs?

We offer steps in 7”, 14” and 21” heights and ramps in 14”, 21” and 28” heights. We suggest measuring the piece of furniture you intend to set up your ramp or step system by and choose the closest height option. If our options fall either below or above your furniture height, use your best judgment based on your pet’s physical abilities/limitations on whether stepping up or stepping down to the furniture would be most ideal and comfortable for them. Our sets are modular in design, so if you buy a 21” Ramp, for example, it comes with 2 pieces that will accommodate both 14” and 21” high furniture. If you buy a 28” ramp, you’ll have enough pieces to accommodate 14” high, 21” high, and 28” high surfaces!

14” and 17” Wide options are listed, how do I know which width I need?

All of our products are available in either 14” wide or 17” wide (except our 28” Tall Ramp options - these are only available in 17” wide). If you have a smaller breed, 14” wide should be just fine. If you have a medium to larger breed (or if your pet has any injuries or physical limitations) we suggest going with the 17” wide option as the added width provides more stability. When in doubt, we suggest going with 17” wide.

What if my bed is higher than 28”?

Our 28” Ramp with Landing product is great for beds up to 35 inches tall. This is because the bed just acts as the last small step up from the landing.

Are the covers washable?

Yes! To spot clean stains: use mild soap and lukewarm water. Rub gently in a circular motion with a sponge or soft brush. Pat the area dry after cleaning. Covers can also be easily removed and machine washed using cold water (air dry only).

I need to add a landing or extend my ramp or steps, do I need to return my order or can I purchase additional pieces?

No need to return your order - each of our individual steps (14” and taller) also double as our landings! We also have “extensions” available for purchase if you want to extend your 14” or 21” tall ramp. Be sure to check the width of the piece you already own to make sure the piece your order to add to your ramp or step will align and match up in size..

How long do your products last?

Our products will usually outlive your pet. We regularly have customers who don’t come back to us until 12-15 years after their original purchase to get either a replacement cover or a new piece of foam. Our products are built to last! We use top of the line materials in every part of our ramps and stairs.

Do you offer custom sizes or pieces?

Unfortunately no, at this time we are not able to create custom sizes or pieces.

Do you accept returns?

Yes! Returns can be made only within the first 30 days of purchase. Your returned item must be in “like new” - resellable condition (free of stains or pet hair). Please review our return policy here for all the details.