Our History



Krystal Hanson (l) and Jeanne Wolfington (r), inventors and founders of Royal Ramps



CEO Matthew and his dog Vida

All About Royal Ramps

Inventing a pet bed ramp for Jeanne's disabled Yorkie...

"In 2002, my 5-pound Yorkshire terrier, Raphael, became disabled and required neurosurgery. After his surgery, I searched for steps to enable him to get up and down from the couch and bed. I was disappointed that available devices were made of rigid materials that caused too much impact for the sensitive nature of his injury. My friend Krystal responded, 'How about foam rubber?'

We purchased a sewing machine, had some cubes cut from industrial foam rubber, made removable washable covers, and sold on the website Puppy Stairs. Raphael took to the stairs immediately, so we made another set and gave them to the dog sitter. All his dogs loved them, including the larger breeds." - Jeanne Wolfington

In 2016, Jeanne and Krystal sold the Royal Ramps brand and patents to the established eCommerce experts at Store Chain, Inc. under the direction of CEO Matthew Delaney, to carry the brand on to a larger national audience. The number of retailers and dog shops are steadily growing as customers everywhere give rave reviews about the quality of their American made pet products.

Archer Enterprises Inc, a Las Vegas based company focused on helping animals, purchased the Royal Ramps brand and patents in 2019 from Store Chain, Inc. Heather McClendon, CEO of Archer Enterprises Inc, has the vision to continue to expand Royal Ramps to reach even more customers and help even more 4 legged friends with the high quality products that Royals Ramps is known for.

Pet bed ramp and stair solutions for all dogs and cats in need:

Once Jeanne and Krystal found durable, high-density industrial foam that maintained its shape under significant weight, Puppy Stairs was born. Its designs have received a U.S. Patent (beware of flimsy imitators!). Over the years, the company has expanded its standard pet ramps and stairs line, added large dog ramp options, and increased its fabric selections.

Important facts about Puppy Stairs foam and dog steps and ramps:

  • Endorsed by veterinary professionals across North America
  • Help precious pets safely get up and down off of sofas, beds and even car seating
  • Each step is a self-contained cushion constructed from durable, high-density industrial foam.
  • Cubes and ramps attach to one another with strips of heavy-duty Velcro
  • Each piece is available in a variety of washable cover surfaces and colors, allowing you to configure exactly what you need
  • This unique, lightweight design protects growing, aging, or aching joints while providing owners with an attractive solution that's easy to move and configure
  • Royal Ramps are perfect for cats, ferrets, bunnies... any 4-legged friend!

Puppy Stairs products are praised by the pet-care community and popular media:

  • Veterinarians and pet health professionals recommend them for their joint-friendly, sturdy design, which outperform similar products.
  • Recently's Wendy's Animal Talk featured an in-depth interview with Royal Ramps co-founders.
  • Royal Ramps has been featured on TV shows including Petkeeping with Marc Morrone (produced by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia) and The Christopher Lowell Show.

"At Royal Ramps, we know what it's like having a disabled pet that needs extra love and attention. That's why we offer the highest quality pet ramps and stairs to give your pet the best life possible. We've dedicated our lives full-time to Puppy Stairs' development and growth. Our enthusiasm has spread to our friends who freely and with excitement donate their time to help us with assembly, shipping, proofreading and celebrating each new step. Please let us know what you think of our products! Thank you." -- Jeanne and Krystal